Sunday, 28 April 2013

Embers - Hollow Cage

   Here we go, I've been waiting to share this song since I set up this blog! As I have expressed before, Embers are a band which I feel are showing a lot of promise, they have replaced the late Wu Lyf as my favourite manuchian and. For me, this is the best song to be released since Spanish Sahara (my all time favourite song). This is my idea of a perfect song; it starts slow and steadily builds until it reaches its incredible climax. By the time this climax arrives, I can almost guarantee you will be covered in goosebumps. The raw talent, powerful guitars, outstanding drumming all combine to create something masterful. This is recorded live in a sort of church, thus the vocals appear to be echoing to form a rather angelic effect. This song is a 7 minute masterpiece and it is my privilege to share it with you. This song definitely deserves a share, it's been one of my favourite songs since around November 2012, yet it is still only received 4,500 views... This song deserves more, and I feel it will get more; it's just a matter of time. Enjoy!


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