Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dog Is Dead - Young

  Dog Is Dead are a band that just can't seem to do anything wrong. I have had the privilege of seeing them live twice, the first time being over a year ago. I was an immediate fan of the Nottingham band, meaning that I had to be very patient whilst waiting for them to release their debut album. It came eventually in the form of "All Our Favourite Stories" on the 8th of October. The album managed to exceed my high expectations; there is not one disappointing song on this album, but that is my bias, fan boy opinion... 10 days after the release of their album, I attended their relatively small gig in the Academy 2, Dublin. Here, I managed to meet the entire band prior to their performance! Finally now it seems as though they are being recognised, with their song "Teenage Daughter" recording 800,000 views to date, and their current single "Do The Right Thing" racking up 400,000 views. Dog Is Dead are currently touring with Two Door Cinema Club, surely success is inevitable?