Thursday, 7 March 2013

Passion Pit - Gossamer

   Passion Pit, being one of my my favourite bands, meant that I was very excited for the release of their second album Gossamer. After the success of Manners, many people were eager to see how Passion Pit would follow such a stunning debut. After reading countless reviews of the album, I am starting to think that I am the only fan who believes that Gossamer may be better than the debut album. Although Manners was always going to hard to trump, I certainly wouldn't describe Gossamer as a "flop". I struggle to find one poor song song on this album, and with the deserved success of Take A Walk, Carried Away and I'll Be Alright; here are two songs on the album you may not of heard yet. 
   If you get the chance to check out Gossamer i highly recommend it, there are a dozen impressive tracks.