Sunday, 10 March 2013

WU LYF - We Bros

   WU LYF are a band I respect for so many reasons. Everything about them is unique, their sound, their opinions and how they portray them. World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation (WU LYF) are a band from Manchester who pretty much despise society. Although the lyrics are difficult to understand, they are very intelligent; "We were born as animals, we were born as animals and we bros, But you, put suits on animals, you try to put suits on animals but we bros". The idea is that everyone and everything is born equally but society denies it. WU LYF effectively long to escape society, and this is evident in their video for We Bros. A small group of kids, isolated in the wilderness away from society, free and happy due to the simplicity of running and nature, nothing more. 
   Personally I prefer the album version of this song, the quality may not be as impressive, but I feel the echo effect benefits the song. If you like this track I would definitely recommend looking at their other stuff and buying their album "Go Tell Fire To The Mountain".
   Unfortunately, WU LYF announced they would be no more not too long ago... This was awful to hear but at least we got a wonderful album out of it.
   R.I.P WU LYF x.


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