Saturday, 23 March 2013

Embers - Part Of The Echoes

   Embers are a band that I can't hype any more than I have been for the last three months. I am sharing their epic song Part Of The Echoes, even though I know that another one of their songs is an absolute MASTERPIECE. It is the perfect song in my opinion, but I wan't to wait until this blog has a few more viewers (optimistically) before sharing it because it deserves as large an audience as possible. When I first heard Embers I knew that I had found something special, they immediately replaced the late WU LYF as my favourite Manchester band. Part Of The Echoes is an incredible song and I am sure you will enjoy it. They appear to be masters at capturing a sort of angelic element to their incredibly epic music. This is a live record of Embers playing in a church. Enjoy!


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